Dudhsagar Falls

From my position in the travel hammock – bright orange against the endless variations of green within the forest, and the bright aluminium of the MacBook Air – I can hear the constant white noise generated by India’s third highest waterfall – Dudhsagar. The monkeys came close just now – threading through the trees, like a diminutive hit squad – attracted by the smell of cooking. Lentil and rice curry. Robin and Manuel threw sticks at them, while I stirred the pot. They have receded – for now. But they will be back. We arrived last night, having left the Indian tourist Mecca behind us. In truth, Palolem beach was so beautiful, and our beach huts were so cheap, and comfortable, I could have stayed longer. In truth, I could have stayed there forever. So it’s a good thing I had Robin and Manuel with me, to save me from becoming a fully-fledged Goan Beach Bum. We arrived here last night, having spent the day travelling. We only covered 70km from Palolem beach, but our firs